Blue and Green , blue and green are the colors that represent Perth-Andover to me. It represents our river banks and our St.John river that sprats Perth from Andover. Like I have perversely said in my first blog assignment, Perth-Andover has a small population just short of 2,000 people. Though certain times of the years that number increases due to special events such as: The NBProBass Tournament.
This year hundreds of people will gather around and watch or participate on October 4th and 5th for the  championships!

The Dam Run!
The dam run is a 10K run held in Perth-Andover every summer. People travel here anywheres from Maine to Fredericton to participate in this event.
This event allows people to not only challenge over percipients but, as-well-as them selves; to push them selves to go the distance. Not only that! It allows people to get some fun exercise!  Which in some cases can be rare. 

 It is extremely important to get the proper exercise for your body because the percentage of obesity is sky rocketing due to the lack of exercise and poor food choices; putting them at the rick of health issues such as diabetes. 

Canada Day!
On July 1st, I attended our Canada Day event that is held every year!
It s an event held to bring together everyone in the community and from else where.
 There was tons of games for the kids, popcorn , and cotton candy.
also available was free cake and BBQ . I thought everyone seemed to enjoy them selves and it was a great turn out!One of my best friends Leah Robinson Miss Perth-Andover participated in the dunk tank, I believe it was the kids favourite game because they got to submerge the Queen in a huge tub of water!
Each winner of  a game won a small prize. To me, interacting with the younger generation and being a positive role model for them is a prize all on its own.

Thanks to Niagara  Falls for sponsoring Miss Teen Canada World 2013.

Yours truly, Dayna McLauglin

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