I live in a little place called Perth-Andover with a population of approximately 2000 people. Unfortunately, we are not blessed with a multiple green buildings (also known as eco-friendly). Though our town office has recently in stalled an air-to-air heating pump . What is that you may ask? An air-to-air heating pump allows you to have warmth in the winter and cool air on those hot summer days!  So , on the bright side; the town office is no longer using oil. The air-to air system also allows you to cut your spendings for heat in half!

What does our town offer to promote going green?
My little town has two massive recycle bins held in two different locations. So you are able to use the one most convent for you!
The each are divided in to four different sections, cardboard, tin/steel,plastics, and paper.

I would defiantly like to call me self a tree hugger and you can be one too! My family and I started doing major recycling about five years ago.. it got me thinking the other day. If we recycle one, thirty-three gallon bag of stuff a week that equals 52 bags a year; giving me a total of two and sixty bags the past five years! Two hundred and sixty bags of stuff that was recycled and not just buried in some land fill with the rest of everyone else’s garbage. I was amazed.
Whether its investing in solar panels, leaving your car at home and taking the bus instead , or recycling ! It all makes a difference!
At the rate we are going at in this decade it’s only causing the hole in our ozone layer to get bigger, allowing the suns UV rays in and upping the rate of skin cancer!
So I ask everyone, wear sunblock , leave the car at home, and start recycling .
The change starts here!

Yours truly,
Dayna McLaughlin.

Written by: Dayna Mclaughlin
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