If I had to organize a commercial for Signature Towels I would start with some thing funny and some humour. It’s the perfect gift for every-body! Even for our furry pets. I would show how you can receive the towel in a variety of colours and it is custom embroidered.
I would show either how it is perfect for you to take on your dream vacation and great for in the locker rooms! This way everyone has there own towel with there name , also there number could be added on the towel ( phone number or there favorite number, which ever). The towel is a perfect gift for anybody .
In this commercial I would play music in the back ground .. something catchy like “I need your love” By Eile Goulding and Calvin Harris.

Thank you so much Signature Towels for sponsoring Miss Teen Canada World. 

Yours truly,
Dayna McLaughlin

Written by: Dayna Mclaughlin
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