So far! My time here has been amazing. I made a great friend and her name is Gracie, she is as down to earth as I am and it’s great! Also, I’m loving the roomie!
Most people think pageants are all about getting your hair and nails done and being girly but boy are they wrong! Wearing stilettos for 14 plus hours a day is almost a work out and I think I speak for everyone when I say we have the blisters to prove it!
Coming from a small town like mine, I’m glad to be here. It is nothing short of an amazing accomplishment! I am the first person from Perth-Andover to make it to nationals (MTCW) and I am honoured. I am going to give it my all; not only for my self but for my supporters and also for the young girls who want to walk in my shoes some day. Dreams can come true and I proved it.
Work hard and believe in your self and anything is possible.

Written by: Dayna Mclaughlin
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